For Title Transfers, the following items are needed to complete the transfer:



  • Original PA title
  • Proof of ID (valid PA driver’s license or PA Photo ID card)


  • Proof of ID (valid PA driver’s license or PA Photo ID card)
  • Proof of Insurance (must be current and match driver license address)
  • Purchase price & mileage
  • Registration information if transferring your license plate

Reminder: If your purchase price is less than 80% of book value, an additional form is required explaining the agreed purchase price and requires two additional notaries ($).


Please bring the following to complete your transfer from another state to Pennsylvania:

  • Original title
  • Proof of ID (valid PA driver’s license with current address)
  • Proof of Insurance (must be current and match driver’s license address)
  • Vehicle in order to verify VIN (or a VIN tracing)

If you are currently making payments on your vehicle, please bring the following information:
Name of financial institution, account number, VIN number, fax number for the title department of the financial institution. We will complete a form to request your title. Once we receive your title (approx. 2 weeks), we will call you to complete the transfer. If the vehicle you are bringing into PA is less than six (6) months old, you will need to provide a notarized statement from the dealer indicating sales tax was paid to the previous state. If sales tax paid to previous state is less than 6%, the difference will be added to your to total state fees.

Gifted out of state vehicle: Gifted out of state vehicle: we require proof that sales tax was paid when the vehicle was purchased by the parent/child of the applicant. Any other relation cannot gift into PA from out of state.

Business titles: Business titles: when a company is buying/selling a vehicle, we will do an inquiry with the Department of State to verify who is an officer with that company. If anyone other than an officer is before us to complete the title transfer we require a notarized Power of Attorney from the officer in order to complete the title transfer. If there is no officers listed with the DOS we will require either the Certificate of Organization or Articles of Incorporation with a notarized POA from whomever is listed.